Masaryk University: Legacy of a genius

Masaryk University is an educational and research institution in the Czech Republic, founded more than a century ago. It is located in Brno, the city of Gregor Johann Mendel, whose 200th birth anniversary is celebrated this year. It is also thanks to Masaryk University that the place of one of the greatest scientific discoveries has become an important research and educational hub in Central Europe.

Mendel's legacy

Maintaining Mendel’s story and genius loci

The Augustinian Abbey in Old Brno still houses the library, garden, beehive and greenhouse where Mendel worked. This authentic location is also the seat of Mendel Museum, operated by Masaryk University, where visitors learn the story of the modest genius and the principles of genetics.

More about Mendel Museum

Mendel Museum – Virtual guide

Hailing Mendel, the meteorologist

Masaryk University, as one of the few, has its own research facilities in Antarctica. Mendel Polar Station, a Czech research station on the coast of James Ross Island, near the northernmost tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, was established in 2007. The station pursues its own research programme and is also used for testing products and technologies in the extreme conditions of Antarctica. Those that pass the tests can receive the trademark “Tested in Antarctica” from Masaryk University.

Polar research

Pursuing Mendel’s mission

Masaryk University brings science to life in Mendel’s Abbey, which is becoming a world centre of research presentation. The prestigious Mendel Lectures annually host world’s leading scientists and Nobel laureates.

Mendel Lectures

Celebrate the bicentennial of Gregor Johann Mendel’s birth with Masaryk University

Programme of celebrations

Also presented at EXPO

Celebrating 200 years since Mendel’s birth

Meet Mendel

Research is
 in our DNA

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